UVA researchers study effects of hard hitting sports on the brain

November 9, 2013

"CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – How do hard hits on the sports field affect athletes’ brains? That’s the question Dr. Jason Druzgal, assistant professor of neuroradiology at the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, wants to answer.

'[We’re studying to] see if we can detect any effects of repeated sub-concussive hits to the head, before somebody gets too old, ' Druzgal said.

They also want to find 'better ways to diagnose concussion around the time that the concussions happen,' he said.

They’ve recruited several athlete volunteers, who play sports like football, soccer and lacrosse, at college and high school levels. Using a patch from Seattle based company X2 Biosystems, researchers affix adhesive sensors behind the ears of players.

'We can get a record over the course of the season of who is getting hit harder and more often to the head,' Druzgal said.

Historically, sensors have only been attached to helmets, but Druzgal said athletes who play all kinds of sports can wear the patches.

They hope the results will fill a void in the medical research community."

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Posted on October 26, 2015 .